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released October 8, 2013

Colin Miller: Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Vocals (1-4), Mixing, Producing, Artwork, Synths (6).
Z: Lyrics (2)
Master Warjomaa: Lyrics and Vocals (5)



all rights reserved


Dullko New York

A solo music Project led by Colin Miller. "Disorder" was a Punk/Crossover Metal album that was released on October 8, 2013. Dullko will experiment with different genres over time.

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Track Name: Take it to the Skies
Entering the plane, different militia and forces
Samurais, soldiers, gladiators, and Mages.
None seem to show a friendly connection,
I don't like where this is going, "a battle in the heavens."

When HibuHashi, the Samurai, disses the Wizards kin
Lightning blasts were launched and killing was no longer sin.

They tried to talk politics, but things got worse.
An all out war, Jet plane can't reverse.

Patriots shooting passengers, Warriors bashing in heads.
I try to escape this madness, but the jet goes all over the place.

Here comes Ali, he's got a Rocket Launcher!!!!
Track Name: Saliferous Morsels of Spud
I am driven to annoyance
By chips that have lost their identity,
Due to the neglect of an unforgiving world,
Why my stomach yearns for the cheap imitation of nourishment,
I am brought before a slightly crumpled golden bag
My beacon of light in a dim world...

The first chip ingested brings an aurora of puzzlement with it,
The realization of the situation is initiated
I heed the sirens call "betcha can't eat just one"
I curse at the mocking irony
I search again for a slice of spud,
I survey my prey,
Perhaps to lean of its true nature,
At once it is gone,
The crunch again is accompanied by a light pull
Truth arrives like the sting of salt on my lips,
Mercy it seems is for the weak...

And to think anything with barbecue could be brought to such shame,
I am left standing with only the garbage in my sight,
And in my thoughts with dreams of thins that never were...
Track Name: Kill Each Other
Nuclear stockpiles, I know you're out there
you can't hide from me babe, but I don't care.


Blow me to pieces, go ahead mercy-kill my brain
A man without anything is a man with everything to gain.
You can head for some venus, counting final count-downs,
as long as you know, nothing you can't lose can't be found.

Fly away, hug a cloud,
chaos for evermore, total party at hand.
Nuclear war, so they finally dared,
the bombs have all gone away, the natural way.

A-bomb, fun bomb, I kneel I obey.
God-damned phalluses, I want to get laid.


Happy birthdays, you'll regret them before the end.
Hjälter skelter through the fire new messiahs will descend.
For the sake of our children, can't you see they want to die?
A billion little happy faces smiling and then starting to fry.

Fly away, hug a cloud,
we're turning in tonight, with clean and fragrant minds.
Smile and sigh we'll all die,
chaos will love you more, affection finally found.
Track Name: Daylight Horror
Sammy, the Student, walking to school on a sunny day.
approaching the barricaded entrance.
A couple of minutes later, the ground begans to shake.
And the hill in the distance starts to settle in the ground
Causing a landslide, full of muddy waters
the debris violently rushes toward the school
Little Sammy runs for cover in the through a window
to find his fellow friends hiding in shelter.

Taped entrances, locked doors, no escape.
There is nowhere to hide from the flotsam.
Standing still to hear, a bus in the distance
Rushing through the water to the school.

The Kids run out, feet soaked and are asking for aid.
The Driver said he'll give a helping hand.
His voice turned to nice and fluffy to mean and dark,
and the headlights turned from white to red!
A demonic hand lashes out and grabs a kid
the bus shakes and the windows are splashed with blood.
Demons storm out of door and are killing screaming victims.
leaving our poor Sammy vulnerable.

But Just then, Sammy shoots up wads of Coke and unleashes the
Shotgun from backpack, which he keeps safe and tidy
Shooting at random, demons die down by the numbers
Sammy stands on mounds of mutilated beasts!
Track Name: Paralysis
As we carry the burden of manifestation
they enjoy formication.

Whenever we believe their lies, they touch themselves
And when they speak to us, they soil our Selves.
They touch up elves.

What is possible for individual man is impossible for the masses.
Much of what we think of as art, caters to desires for reassurance.

The purpose of law is first and foremost to prevent those in power from losing it.
But technology will not help man to free himself from cowardice.
Once life has been distilled into language, we begin to respond
to language and not to experience.
And truth cannot exist for those who do not require lies.

Whenever we believe their lies, they touch themselves
and when they speak to us, they soil our Selves.
Track Name: Castle Millastein: Necromancer
Track Name: Carnival of Errors
As you feel the world weigh over you,
recognize one thing.
The ability to twist our world of sadness,
and flip it the other way.
The process in which we go through
to earn our way
Can be hell and will be rough
as we suffer oversight

I know its not easy
To correct past mistakes,
But there is no reason
to Over-complicate

I understand the need
to self-reflect
But these days go by fast
faster when you dwell on the past

Glaring eyes witness deceitfulness
of humankind
No speaker is going to give you the answers
when speaking in general terms
We'll find our true happiness
when we have earned it
But somethings got to give
and nothing will be handed down!

Carnival of Errors - ( a world of hit and miss
we fumble all around as we try to for to reach our goal)
Carnival of Errors - (witness life and death
in unfortunate terms where we live 'till our last breath!)
Track Name: I'm a Hurricane
Eye of the storm
Headin' our way
Like it or not
I need it to stay
Bugger it down like fire and ice
Watch where you walk
Cuz lightning strikes twice

I'm a hurricane
I'm a hurricane

Nothin' can stop me
I conquer with force
Hittin' my target
And stayin' on course
Coming on strong
Gatherin' speed
I do what I want
To get what I need

I'm a hurricane
I'm a hurricane

You will never see me coming
Taking chances, burning Ranks
Rising Above the Clouds in the Sky.

Taking you down
Through the floor,
and in my eyes you'll see its core.
The Hurricane, now behold
the power it holds.

Nothin' can stop me
I conquer with force
Hittin' my target
And stayin' on course
Coming on strong
Gatherin' speed
I do what I want
To get what I need
I'm a hurricane
I'm a hurricane
Track Name: Euphonics
While the world drowns in its blood,
I sit with a guitar and pick in hand.
I know that one day I'll join the Earth,
so I invoke my imagination into this sad cruel world.
I despise people who discourage those
who are exercising what little freedom they have.
You Can sing or play whatever you want
it really doesn't matter because in the end we all die.

Why define yourself in such a way
that limits your creative aptitude.
When we lose the right to feel different,
we lose the ability to feel free.
I go in front of the crowd, axe in hand.
Remembering that I, myself, am the band.
Presenting all to those with what I can,
to make a day which I'll remember.

Take the stage - ALL NIGHT!
And Rock and Roll - ALL NIGHT!
Metal Out - ALL NIGHT!
Rock and Roll - ALL NIGHT!

Never will I ever set a limit for me.
I'll do what it takes to finish my goals.
Never will I ever be discouraged again,
I'll see to the end what my troubles were worth.
I stretch my wings out beyond the sky
Out of the Stratosphere and into the sun.
Fear strikes many down and many have failed.
I look into the Stratosphere and passed the sun.

I stretch my wings out, beyond the sky.
Out of the Stratosphere and into the sun
Fear strikes many down, and many have failed
I looked into the Stratosphere and passed the sun.